Credit Hire

What is Credit Hire?

Credit Hire is the supply of a replacement hire vehicle on credit, in most instances on a 'like for like' basis, to an innocent person involved in a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) whilst their own vehicle is un-roadworthy or written off as a result of the accident.

E.g. If your vehicle was damaged as a result of an accident that was not your fault, then you can potentially hire a vehicle on credit whilst your own vehicle is being repaired by your chosen garage.

What are the Benefits of Credit Hire?

  1. The innocent person involved in an RTA does not have to make a claim on their own insurance policy and pay an excess which can be very expensive depending on your policy.
  2. Claiming on your own insurance policy can have an impact on your 'no claims bonus' and also increase your insurance premiums.
  3. No upfront payment is required in most instances.
  4. A replacement vehicle will normally be provided on the same day that it is requested. The replacement vehicle will usually be delivered to your garage.
  5. Credit Hire Companies can normally source all sorts of peculiar vehicles if required and also provide a vehicle to someone with points on their driving license.

Who pays for the Credit Hire Charges?

The charges are normally recovered from the At Fault Driver's Insurance Company. However, you should note that the hire agreement will be between you and the Credit Hire Company therefore they can potentially recover their charges from you should they be unable to recover them from the At Fault Driver's Insurance Company. It is therefore imperative that you provide accurate information to the Credit Hire Company and check their terms and conditions before signing up with them. Any changes of circumstances and contact received from the At Fault Driver's Insurance Company should be relayed to the Credit Hire Company and your Solicitors.

What can Amin Haque Solicitors do for You?

  1. At Amin Haque Solicitors we specialise in recovering Credit Hire Charges therefore this will minimise the chance of you being served with a Large Credit Hire bill that could have been recovered from the At Fault Driver's Insurance Company.
  2. Amin Haque Solicitors can get you in touch with reputable Credit Hire Companies that will provide you with clean, reliable vehicles to get you back on the road in a speedy, hassle free manner.
  3. Amin Haque Solicitors can deal with All aspects of RTA claims including any personal injury claim, care claim, damaged property, storage claim, recovery claim, treatment etc therefore you will only need to liaise with your Dedicated Lawyer.

What can Amin Haque Solicitors do for the Credit Hire Company?

  1. Amin Haque Solicitors specialise in recovering Credit Hire Charges including Taxi Hire & Motorcycle charges therefore this will maximise the chances of making a successful recovery of the charges you have incurred in hiring a vehicle on credit. We have vast experience in navigating through the Court Process therefore recovering your charges quickly and without unnecessary delay.
  2. Amin Haque Solicitors can add you to our panel of Credit Hire Companies which will result in us recommending potential customers to you. In order to be added to our Panel, we will require you to go through our vetting process to make sure that anyone that we recommend to you receives the high standard of service that we demand from the companies currently on our Panel.

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