Data Breach

Under GDPR, the Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act, you have a right to have your personal and confidential information kept private. If your data is not kept private, then this is called a Data Breach.
A Data Breach can cause serious damage to your reputation and cause you emotional, psychological, and financial harm. It could include; your bank details being sent to the incorrect person which allows them access to your account and cause you financial difficulty or even your private medical records being sent to unauthorised personnel causing you embarrassment and stress.
Data has been deemed more valuable than oil - so it is important that your data is kept secure.
Once a breach occurs, companies must write to you to inform you of the breach and give you the necessary information. If you have received any correspondence advising your data has been breached, please contact us on 0161 637 8588


Can I claim for a Data Breach?

If your data has been breached, there is a legal requirement for that entity to inform you of the breach. The ICO may also be informed and will report the breach on their website if it is a public company.
If your data has been breached, there is a six-year limitation period. This is a strict time limit, as such it is important you act now.
Anyone can suffer a data breach, whether that is individuals or companies and as such will be entitled to compensation.
In order to claim for compensation, you must be able to prove that because of the Data Breach you have suffered – whether that be psychologically, financially.
Our team at Amin Haque Solicitors have created a swift process to deal with Data Breach claims. We take an insistent stance and will push to ensure you are compensated for however you have suffered.

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- Our dedicated team have developed a strong process that will ensure your claim is deal with in a swift manner
- We will ensure you are kept updated during the process


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