The half term holiday is approaching and most parents will be thinking about the places that they can take their children, to keep them occupied and engaged.

Trampoline Parks have seen rapid growth in the last few years with hundreds operating across the country. It is very good fun and enjoyable. However, there is a growing safety concerns surrounding indoor trampoline parks as referenced in recent findings.

There are calls for trampoline parks to be regulated due to the rise in serious injuries suffered. Accidents can happen anywhere and most activities carry a degree of risk (my little one fell of a children’s Ikea chair and cracked his head!). However, it is difficult to ignore the statistics when it comes to accidents at trampoline parks.

If you are planning to visit the trampoline park, here are few things to look out for, according to the The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents:

Questions parents can ask:

  • Does the park take details about you, any relevant medical issue and emergency contact information?
  • Has the park provided a safety briefing?
  • Have they checked that people understand the briefing?
  • Are the rules clearly displayed?
  • Are the rules being enforced by court monitors and staff, e.g. one person on the trampoline at time?
  • Is the park a member of the UKIATP?

Park safety briefings should include as a minimum:

  • Manoeuvres not permitted
  • Methods for ‘killing’ or stopping the bounce
  • Hazards in the jumping area
  • Take-off and landings, including the ‘no-jump’ boarders
  • Risk inherent to the park
  • Rules specific to that park
  • Thoughts given to additional needs

Enjoy the holidays.


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