Insurance Fraud

We can help you if you have been accused of insurance fraud by an insurer in respect of a claim you have made on your own policy or in a third party claim such as in road traffic accidents. We offer no-win no-fee representation in some cases and free initial consultation on all.

Household Claims

Consumers take out household policies for peace of mind. However, in the event of a claim, an insurance company may suspect the elements of fraud and ...

Phantom Passenger

A phantom passenger allegation is often raised where an insurance company has reasons to believe that you or one of your fellow passengers was not in ...

Induced Accidents (Slam-On)

Induced accidents also known as crash for cash is an organised fraud where organised criminals target innocent motorists by provoking collisions for t ...

Staged Accidents

An insurance company may allege that the accident is staged if it suspects you and others involved deliberately crashed your vehicles into each other ...

Low Speed Impact (LSI)

The most common type of injury suffered in road traffic accidents is whiplash type injuries. Insurance companies often raise the allegation that an ac ...

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