Trampoline Park Accidents

Trampoline parks are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of visitors; however, there has been a rise in visits to A&E as a result of trampoline park accidents resulting in injuries, some of which have been very serious and disabling. Trampoline Park injuries can be life changing.

Trampoline parks have seen rapid growth over the past two years, with more than a 100 in operation across major towns and cities in the UK. It is estimated, that ambulances were called out to 1,181 incidents at trampoline parks across England in 2017 alone. The popularity of trampoline parks has meant that it is a profitable venture. Sadly, not all operators are taking the precautions necessary to ensure visitor safety.

If you or your child were injured at a trampoline park, speak to us to find out whether the park was being properly run to ensure its safe use by your or child. You should know that signing a Waiver does not end the park’s responsibility to ensure that the park is safe for you.

We have seen trampoline Injuries range from whiplash to broken limbs to broken hips and backs. The injuries are life changing, some requiring surgery.

Causes of accidents

There are many different kinds of accidents which could occur at a trampoline park. Just some of the most common causes of these kinds of injuries are:

  • Faulty or Badly-Worn Equipment.
  • Poorly repaired equipment
  • Poor training and guidance resulting in dangerous manoeuvres by visitors.

Trampoline parks hold a duty of care towards all of its customers. To full fill that duty park owners should ensure that all reasonable checks are made and steps taken to make it as safe an environment as possible. If there is a suggestion that it is failing in that duty then appropriate action needs to be taken before there are any further injuries.

According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) trampoline park safety briefings should include as a minimum the following:

  • Manoeuvres not permitted
  • Methods for “killing” or stopping the bounce
  • Hazards in the jumping area
  • Take-off and landings including the no jump boarders.
  • Risks inherent to the park
  • Rules specific to that park
  • Thoughts given to additional needs

If you are a parent or a visitor you can ask and check :

  • Does the park take details about you, any relevant medical issues and emergency contact information?
  • Has the park provided a safety briefing?
  • Have they checked that the people understand the briefing.
  • Are the rules clearly displayed
  • Are the rules being enforced by Court monitors and staff
  • Is the park a member of UKIATP

If you have been affected by an injury suffered at a Trampoline Park and would like some advice, please call our helpful personal injury team on 0161 637 8588


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