Domestic Violence

It is a terrifying experience being abused by a partner or a family member. We have a team of specialist domestic violence solicitors who are experienced in helping victims of domestic abuse, and can help you apply for protection from the court.

The court offers protection to the victims of domestic violence where the abuser was associated with them, such as a partner, parent or other family member, and has various powers such as:

  • Non-molestation orders – to prevent violence, threats of violence or harassing and pestering and molesting behaviour
  • Occupation orders – to exclude someone from the family home, or prevent them from coming within a specified distance of it.
  • Apply for a court order to protect you from violence, threats of violence and harassment
  • Apply for a court order to stop a person entering or coming near your home
  • Work to protect your children
  • Resolve any financial issues
  • Divorce from a partner who has been abusive.

If it is suspected that these orders have been breached the police can make an arrest. The person breaching the order will also be guilty of contempt of court and can be sent to prison.

Our team understand how distressing abuse is and handle all cases with sensitivity and professionalism. Whatever help you need, our expert family law solicitors who are experienced in protecting victims of domestic abuse will work quickly and carefully to ensure you and your loved ones are fully safeguarded.

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