Accidents in Public Places

All Organisations have a duty of care to the people who visit their premises. This includes members of the public and employees from other businesses. The person in charge of the business premises must take all reasonable measures to assess and limit if not remove all risks to the health and safety of visitors. The Organisations have a responsibility to make sure the people who visit any part of their premises are not in any danger of injury.

You should also be aware that Councils also have a responsibility to make sure that all roads, pavements and bridle paths are well-maintained and are clear from any defects to avoid accidents.

A few Examples of accidents in public places are slips, trips and falls due to poorly maintained pavements and roads, dog bites in public areas, faulty gym equipment, sports accidents due to poorly maintained surface, falling objects in places such as supermarkets or spillages that are not clearly marked whilst being cleaned up.

The success of any claim in public places is based on whether you can prove that the person responsible for maintaining the land/premises was negligent in their duty. A couple examples could be that a supermarket dangerously stacked shelves which caused an avoidable accident to a person visiting its premises or the local authority failed to maintain a public pavement which again resulted in an avoidable accident to a member of the public.

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